Medical Weight Loss
People struggle with weight loss for a variety of different reasons. In some cases, it’s an inability to fend off cravings. In other instances, there’s a medical condition that makes weight loss challenging. Lifestyle, food allergies, addiction, illness and other issues can also have an impact.

Conejo Valley Advanced Wellness wants to help you lose weight and maintain your results! Our approach is to tailor a weight loss program in Thousand Oaks, CA around you and your unique situation, to ensure you’re getting the individualized support you need on your weight loss journey.

Medical Weight Loss

Our primary focus on weight management is through medical weight loss in Thousand Oaks, CA. This medical-based approach takes into account all of the factors that may be contributing to your weight loss and determines the proper course of action for addressing them.

First, we address the common and uncommon causes of weight gain. Overeating, lack of mobility, chronic illness, injury and more are all things we consider, alongside factors like lifestyle, allergies and underlying health conditions.

Once we’ve specifically identified the factors keeping you from losing weight
we formulate a unique treatment plan that’s medically based and tailored specifically to you! Utilizing this approach to weight management, instead of a one size fits all option will give you the greatest opportunities for success.
Weight Loss Maintenance

At Conejo Valley Advanced Wellness, we do more than just help you lose weight—we help you keep it off! We know that a weight loss journey goes beyond just shedding the pounds, which is why we continue assisting our clients even after they have reached their goals. We are here for all your health and wellness needs.
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