The World Is Changing, Are We Changing For the Best Along With It?

As humans, our life span has been steadily increasing. Whereas your grandparents likely lived into their late 60's, and if you are in your 30's or 40's now, you will mostly like live into your late 80's or even longer.  While at first this might sound terrific, one must immediately ask, “With what overall quality of life will there be?”

For years, financial planners have instructed their clients to save money because it is a necessary tool in their “Golden Years”. The challenge for most people is that money saved is not going to be used for travel and luxury vacations as they might have wished. It will probably be used instead of nursing homes and medical care.

During many of my years in practice, I have witnessed patients decline from healthy individuals to become riddled with illnesses ranging from diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity and so on. These are all preventable. I have asked myself," Why do their Doctors allow them to become so deteriorated? As Medical Professionals we have the skills and technology to prevent so much pain and disease. Most Doctors are trained to "treat" their patients but unfortunately, they are not trained to "heal" them.

Fortunately for me, I learned these skills and have applied them to my life and to working with my patients. Now at 80 years of age, I am vital and fully functional. I want to share this capacity with everyone I meet and everyone I take care of. Over the years I have intentionally changed my medical mantra from, “Try my best to fix what is broke!” to “Prevent Now and you won’t have to pay a high price later!”  I utilize this mantra for both my patients and myself.

Whether the medical profession agrees or not, there are two types of medicine practiced in the world. Interventive Medicine and Preventive Medicine. Interventive Medicine, which is the great bulk of what we think of as medicine, requires that you must first get sick before a medical doctor can “fix” you. Little is done to prevent illness from occurring. Although physicians point to immunizations, pap smears, mammography and the occasional “routine annual exam” as acts demonstrating prevention, Interventive practitioners “treat” their patients but only after they are already ill.

The other group, which I am proud to say I belong to, is about “Preventing Illness Before Illness Happens.” It is not about waiting until an illness has already occurred and the individual life and well-being are already at risk. I work with creating a healing plan to heal already existing illness, and then set up a prevention plan and comprehensive healing system, which includes optimal nutrition, weight loss (if needed), supplements (if needed), creating an individualized fitness program and teaching positive thinking to create an overall positive mental attitude conducive to healing and wellness. Teaching problem solving to an individual can remove unresolved conflicts and undo reasons for future illness. I teach my patients how to keep from getting sick and how to use everything and every aspect of their lives to protect and enhance themselves, their lives and their families.

If you’re a professional or a Blue Collar worker, you already know the most important aspect of what I teach. “If you do the job right, you get the right results.” For those of you who are ill and not getting better and are only being “treated” and have no healing plan, please recognize that is not enough to get completely well and healthy.

My goal at Conejo Valley Advanced Wellness is to put each patient on a path to slow down the aging process, reverse already existing damage to whatever degree that is still possible, and to teach my patients how to heal themselves and prevent becoming ill in the future.

My patients have the responsibility, and I tell them when I sit with them, is to do the work of healing themselves and making their lives the best life they can have. Living a long, happy, joyful and healthy life is truly possible. Creating the highest quality of life is also possible. Following my recommendations, our patients fulfill our mandate and what we wish for them: “Prevention, Wellness, Healing, Longevity, and Quality of Life.”

Dr. Lawrence

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