The HCG Diet?

While it might seem like medical weight loss and the HCG diet are a new fads, the fact is HCG and the accompanying medically supervised plan has been around since the 1950’s. Dr. A.T.W. Simeons developed the diet through over 40 years of research in helping extremely obese patients return to safer weight levels.

HCG(Human chorionic gonadotropin) is a natural hormone that your body produces. It’s associated with pregnancy, but also helps to reduce appetite and curb hunger. HCG is FDA approved to treat other health conditions, but many physicians prescribe it as part of a safe, medical weight loss plan. In conjunction with a low-calorie diet and supervised by a medical professional, this diet will help you lose weight at a rapid rate but that’s only 1 of several benefits. Below you’ll find 5 of the most important benefits of following a medical diet plan.

1. Increased energy and better mood

One of the first things most people experience when they start losing weight is an increase in energy levels. Since being overweight causes the body to use more energy, and decreases oxygen efficiency, especially when obese, just going up a small flight of stairs can make a person feel fatigued and out of breath.

A medical weight loss plan that includes the HCG diet will helps our patients experience a faster increase of energy levels due to losing as much as a pound a day, not 1 to 2 pounds a week as expected on a non-medical weight loss plan.

2. Improved health

There’s a growing amount of research proving that losing extra weight improves overall health by reducing the risk for developing some types of major health problems, particularly cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

Losing weight helps raise the level of HDL or good cholesterol in the blood as well as reduce heart-damaging triglycerides. Furthermore, since being overweight accounts for about 30% of hypertension cases, losing weight can lower blood pressure.

3. Relief of joint pain and reduced inflammation

Extra weight adds an intense amount of pressure to the knees, back, and other joints. If carrying just ten extra pounds of fat adds 40 pounds of pressure to the joints, think about the amount of stress and strain the body gets if a person is overweight by as much as 30 to 100 pounds or more.

Medical weight loss, including following a physician-supervised HCG diet plan, will provide quick relief from debilitating back pain due to how rapidly this diet helps take off extra pounds. There is evidence that extra fat causes tissue-damaging inflammation. By losing weight, our patients reduce and can even prevent the development of arthritis, as well as heart disease and stroke.

4. No strenuous exercise

Medical weight loss plans like the HCG diet don’t require hours at the gym. In fact, in the first phase of our HCG plan, NO exercise is required to achieve the diet’s full benefits and ensures no increase in appetite.

This program is greatly effective if a patient is severely overweight. Since strenuous exercise increases pressure on the joints and increases a risk of injury, during the first phase, all the patient needs to do is relax, focus on learning to eat healthy foods, and enjoy watching the pounds fall off.

5.More rapid loss of pounds and inches

If a patient has struggled for years and tried every diet and exercise plan out there, they know how slow, and frankly, unmotivating it can be to try to lose weight. Most programs lose weight at a rate of about 1 to 2 pounds a week. Some people lost weight at an even slower pace. Others might not lose any weight at all, or even might gain weight when they reduce their calories and increase their exercise.

HCG and other medical weight loss diets are different. Instead of taking the weight off slowly, many pounds are lost daily. Most people lose as many as 10 pounds in their first week on an HCG diet, and most people lose fat at the rate of about a pound a day. Plus, since a patient is losing stubborn belly fat, inches are lost that aren’t lost on a more traditional, do-it-yourself diet.

Get answers to your questions about HCG

Now that you know about the benefits of HCG and losing weight, including rapid weight loss, better health, increased pain relief, and more energy to enjoy life, you probably have questions. We’re happy to answer them as well as provide you with more information on our HCG medical weight loss diet plan and on HCG in general. Fill out the contact form below or give us call at (805) 435-1200 to speak to one of our experienced weight loss experts.

Dr. Lawrence

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