Do You Have Questions about Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

It seems like there has always been controversy about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for women. I remember newspapers printing articles about the risks of HRT such as breast cancer, heart disease, blood clots, and some women going crazy. The fact is most of these articles regarding the “Risks of HRT in Women” were mostly nonsense and have been repeatedly proven to be both false and misleading. Some were moderately factual but they were only referring to certain types of prescription HRT medications, specifically the female hormone, “Premarin” and “Provera”, two problem hormones which long ago should have been removed from pharmacies. Rarely have I ever read a positive article about Bio-Identical HRT for either women or men. Instead most articles simply repeat the same negative facts about the two products which are dangerous and never even bring up the positive benefits of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement. The great majority of these articles that are published use vague terms such as “Hormones,” “Women’s Hormones,” “Hormone Replacement Therapy” or “Estrogen” yet, never specifying which hormones or group of hormones they were referring to. In all of my years in practice, I have also never seen an apology for the fear mongering and incorrect facts so many newspapers articles have published. On those very rare occasions when there are retraction of negative information, these retractions are usually buried where no one would ever see them. My guess is truth doesn’t sell newspapers.

To date, with all of the negative articles about both female and male replacement hormones, there are rarely ever any articles published regarding the many lifesaving values and benefits of Bio-Identical HRT. This very safe and sane form of hormone replacement therapy generally goes on year after year unsung, changing the lives of women and men for the better. It is unfortunately unnoticed by those many men and women who most would benefit from their use.

I personally started prescribing Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for my female patients in the 1970’s. I continue to prescribe Bio-Identical HRT for both women and men to this day. Over these many years, I have worked with, managed, prescribed for and followed more than 10,000 women (and thousands of men). I have fortunately helped women significantly improve the quality of their lives making them feel better and safer. I have spoken in front of large groups of people, on TV, on the radio and offered reams of information on the internet and within my offices, yet not one week goes by when some does not ask me “Is HRT safe?” I always, answer, “Yes!” Bio-Identical HRT is very safe.”

The following four questions are the most common questions asked about HRT and most commonly about Bio-Identical HRT. My basic answers to these commonly asked questions about HRT are:

Are major drug company prescription HRT medications safe?
No! HRT using the combination of Premarin and Provera are not safe and should never be used. This combination, Premarin and Provera, can cause a host of health risk and problems including: breast cancer, bowel cancer, blood clots and other dangerous health problems. They should not be used by anyone.

Is Bio-Identical HRT safe?
Yes! Thousands of studies done world-wide have repeatedly demonstrated the values, efficacy and safety of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. It is the only HRT that any woman or man should ever use.

Does Bio-Identical HRT lead to cancer, heart disease or stroke?
No! Repeated studies have clearly and decisively demonstrated that Bio-Identical HRT significantly reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, and breast cancer in both women and men. These same studies also show that when and if a woman does, for genetic reasons, fall victim to breast cancer, those women who have been taking Bio-Identical HRT generally have a much greater better survival rate, have a more benign prognosis, have much more benign and less aggressive cancers, are less likely to have any spread of their cancers, have a longer life span, better survival rates and are at increased likelihood of a total cure. Bio-Identical HRT reduces the severity, lethality and long term risk of breast and other cancers, reduces the individual risk for heart attack and/or stroke, as well as a host of other illnesses and medical conditions.

Will Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy slow down my aging process and make my life better? Yes! Long term studies clearly demonstrate that Bio-Identical hormone Replacement slows down a woman’s process of aging. Her skin actually youthens, her risk for cancer is reduced, her risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke are reduced, she feels better about life and she sleeps better. She will also have an increased ability to think clearly, solve problems and she will feel more positive. Her libido will increase, she will have less or even no pain during intercourse and her vaginal dryness will be reduced or completely eliminated.

The truth is there are so many positive reasons to use Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, that it would literally take a book to discuss them all. While I might still write that book, today, in this article, my role is merely to list the most important of its values and benefits. The proof is available even if few people are getting this information.

My goal in this article is not to sell anyone on either HRT, or more specifically Bio-Identical HRT. Rather it is primarily to offer my many years of experience in this field in a practical form. It is also to help my patients, and my readers to ask the right questions and get the right answers. If you come to see me, no matter what your specific needs are, I will always hear the following questions said and unsaid: “Is my life as good as it can be?” “Am I feeling as good as I can feel?” “Is Bio-Identical HRT right for me?” Will Bio-Identical HRT help me live a better life, feel better and be light years healthier?” While the questions you will likely ask will relate to practical issues, “Can HRT help make me stop having hot flashes, flushing, insomnia, mood swings?” I will likely also hear you ask, even if you do not know it yet, “Will HRT slow down the aging of my skin?” “Will HRT reduce my risk of breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke?” “Will HRT help my sex life and help be feel sexy again?” “Will my sleep be better?” ” Will I think more clearly and function better?” “Will my life be better?” I can help you with all of your questions with one valuable answer, YES! The final decision as to whether you choose to use Bio-Identical HRT however, is entirely yours and totally up to you.

If you are thinking about Bio-Identical HRT then call me. Set up an appointment to get your questions answered. Get a physical evaluation and a 21st century hormonal laboratory evaluation so you will know everything you need to know and can make a decision as to whether Bio-Identical HRT is right for you. Let’s talk and find out what you need and how I can help you significantly improve the quality of your life.

Call Conejo Valley Advanced Wellness at 805-435-1200 for an appointment now! I am waiting to help you!

Dr. Lawrence

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